Bethesda Shares Details on Fallout 76’s New Update

Fallout 76 continues to expand with events, Atomic Shop items, and questlines. This update is no different. Bethesda has recently revealed some details on 76‘s upcoming update “Ever Upwards”, set to release on the 7th of May.

The patch will include an introduction to the Pioneers Scouts and the addition of backpacks. The Pioneer Scouts are said to “strive ever upwards” as they try to better not only themselves but the community as well. It will have different ranks, and as you improve your skills by completing missions you will receive badges. These badges can be traded in at “Pioneer Scout Vending Machines” for cool loot that you can show off to your party. Similarly to some Boy or Girl Scouts, you will be tasked with archery, swimming, cooking, and athletics. Once you have mastered all of these activities and reached the highest rank, you can unlock backpacks and more reputable badges. If you would like to join the Pioneer Scouts, they will be found at train stations or from the Atomic Shop (for free up until June 9th).

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Fans who have played Fallout for many years will be pleased to know that Fallout 76 will finally have backpacks. As it can be difficult to decide what to drop to make room, Backpacks can increase your carry weight and let you carry a lot more items then before. Which is great news for those who are tired of not being able to carry 100 Radscorpion steaks. Additionally you are able to mod your Backpacks designs, statistics, and functions, which include its carry weight, armor plating, and a refrigeration unit.

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