Sports simulators have won many fans around the world. And the ability to use a VR headset has brought games of this genre to a new level of realism. In this article, talk about the best sports VR games.

NBA 2KVR Experience (2016)

NBA 2KVR Experience is a collection of basketball minigames for a VR headset. NBA star Paul George will be your mentor on set. By completing various tasks and mastering new types of throws, you can earn enhancements to skills, accuracy and agility. The game has both a single-mode and multiplayer.

Final Soccer VR (2016)

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Alt: Final Soccer VR

Title: Final Soccer VR



Soccer simulator with incredible graphics. In Striker mode, the player trains penalty kicks. In Simulation mode, the player does saves of the top scores shots. In Arcade mode, he tries himself alternately as a goalkeeper and a striker. By playing any of these modes, you will gain an interesting experience and skills in playing real soccer, because Final Soccer VR realistically reflects the physics of a soccer player and the flight of the ball. Also, soccer fans will appreciate the developer’s efforts to accurately replicate the movements of professional athletes from the best teams in the world.

Football Nation VR Tournament 2018 (2018)

If it’s not enough for you to just play the ball and you want to take part in the match, then pay attention to this game. Motion capture takes place through controllers (PlayStation Move for PS VR or Touch controllers for Rift). The dynamics are as close as possible to the realities of soccer. The only drawback is that the controls take some getting used to.

Fancy Skiing VR (2016)

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Alt: Fancy Skiing VR

Title: Fancy Skiing VR



Fancy Skiing is developed by HashVR and built on the Unity engine. The game simulates real skiing with elements of hunting deer and dodging various obstacles. Tilt your body and use the controllers like real ski poles, make descents and get rewards!

VR Sports (2017)

VR Sports is a collection of sports games for every taste. The player can try his hand at a variety of disciplines like boxing, bowling, gun shooting, soccer or archery. The advantage is that the game adapts to the age and skill level of the gamer. Using the honor board, you can compare your achievements with the results of people from all over the world.

Hover Skate VR (2017)

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Alt: Hover Skate VR

Title: Hover Skate VR



This is a skateboarding simulator. The physics in the game is well developed, which adds realism to the controls. Hover Skate VR provides the ability to perform various tricks (but first you need to learn how to stick to the board, as in real life). Three locations are available for riding.

Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR (2017)

This is a table tennis simulator for VR devices. Players take the place of space robots with unique characteristics. You will participate in a large-scale space tournament, where the main prize is the galactic crown. You can participate in fights online or alone.

VR Hockey League (2017)

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Alt: VR Hockey League

Title: VR Hockey League



This simulator invites gamers to take part in real hockey training. The developers based this game on the real requirements of professional players. Test your abilities in a variety of challenges, score unpredictable goals, experiment with game physics, control the stick like a pro. For this, you will receive awards, which you can see in a special museum.

Nothin But Net (2016)

Nothin But Net is a sports basketball simulator. This VR game has six types of basketball that you can play alone or with friends. It is important to cope with tasks quickly, in some game modes the rings will move continuously, and their number will reach eight, in others, a teleport will be available. In general, the gameplay of Nothin But Net will delight you with its variety and will not get bored.


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