Especially for you, we have compiled some of the best mobile games to kill time during the quarantine. Here you will find everything: shooters, strategies, exciting races, as well as the best games for those who like to test their luck. All of them are available for both iPhone and Android.

Art of War: Legions

This is an exciting game that will allow you to take part in great battles. You have to take command of an entire legion of troops.

Art of War: Legions is a strategy arcade game for Android and iOS. The user needs to carefully consider a plan of action to defeat the enemy. In case of victory, you receive rewards for which you can purchase powerful new combat units. Challenge your logic and strategy skills with the Art of War!

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Sky: Children of the Light

Do you like mobile games with mesmerizing graphics? Than Sky: Children of the Light is definitely for you. The player will see the fabulous world of Heaven. The main character is the Child of Light. He will have to wander through 7 worlds and carry hope through them, simultaneously returning the fallen stars to their constellations.

Indie games are what the doctor ordered during the quarantine. Not a drop of cruelty – just kindness and hope for the best. The game is available now and anyone can download it completely free of charge.

Australian Online Pokies

Online slots, or as they are called in Australia – online pokies, are very popular during the COVID-19 pandemic among mobile users. If you are a gambler you can try your luck at Australian online pokies here completely for free. You can play on both Android and iOS.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart game series is well known among Nintendo fans of various generations starting from SNES home console. And now this great game available for players on Android and iOS mobile devices! In a couple of months, the game was downloaded by more than 50 million users from all over the world.

You can compete with 7 players at once. Simple and convenient controls will make the game as enjoyable as possible: drift, drive over obstacles with just the touch of your finger.

Hide Online – hide and seek with friends

A game for those who miss the fun with friends these days. Thanks to Hide Online you can spend time together with your friends in an online game.

One person becomes the leader, and the rest must hide from him. Here you won’t be able to hide under the table or behind a vase. In Hide Online you can BECOME a table, vase, or any other object! The task of the leader is to recognize “what” his friends are, and where are the genuine objects. Hide Online is very fun to play and spend time with.

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