The toxicity of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin gambling sites did little to hinder other companies from participating in the business practice. Many sites still take bets for CS: GO skins. However, the idea funneled its way into other games. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds skin gambling sites have emerged.

Beginning earlier this year, ten new Battlegrounds skin gambling interfaces have appeared on the internet. The websites run from the same formula. The player administers their Battlegrounds skin into a large pool, and through a game of luck they could potentially receive coins or a new piece of cosmetic gear. Additionally, each website is inherently the same; the difference is in the gambling games that are played. Some sites use a game indicative of blackjack, while other use coin flips, jackpot or a raffle etc.

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Is It Blown Out Of Proportion?

This practice becomes toxic when one realizes the monetary value of these skins. Some skins can be sold by third-party marketplaces for upwards of $1,000. Players covet these skins, as it increases their individuality in the game. These skins include but are not limited to coats, bandannas, hats, and shirts.

In the game, cosmetic gear is locked behind loot boxes. The player purchases these loot boxes with coins they receive from doing well. Consequentially, it is extremely difficult to receive the items you want. This is why these sites have cropped up.

The Battlegrounds skin gambling sites are, in no degree, as large as the CS: GO skin gambling sites. CS: GO skin gambling was fueled by large YouTubers. Conversely, Battlegrounds skin gambling sites don’t yet have this influence. The sites are promoted with a small YouTube presence. However, most Battlegrounds gambling sites require the participant to agree to the terms and claim they are above the age of 18. Yet this is not strictly enforced legally or by the site. It’s typically referred to as a “gray-area of legality.”

What Can We Expect?

In response to the CS: GO gambling sites, Valve issued huge amounts of cease and desist letters. Although the developers of Battlegrounds have not yet commented on this phenomenon, we all know the ending to the story.

Do you think this is good for the community? What’s your opinion on these sites? Let us know and stick with us on Culture of Gaming. 

Source: Kotaku

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