Mar. 3, 2018. An anniversary. A one year anniversary. One year ago, on Mar. 3, 2017, I had just quit my job. I used to work at a senior center. Minimum wage in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the time was eight dollars and fifty cents. I earned nine dollars an hour. And I quit on Feb. 3, 2017. On my birthday.

I was a server. I did dishes and helped with the cooking. I had to know how to do a little bit of everything just to have a chance at getting out on time.

I loved the seniors. Some were difficult, yet some were kind. They were family. I got better at my job and was mentally beaten into submission. Speed was the name of the game. I learned how to work. Work hard and get nothing. Thus I hated the work environment. There was no structure. The only thing that was consistent was the gossip. I learned how to gossip. I learned bad habits.

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I never got a check over five hundred dollars. My pay rate was time and a half, none of it mattered. I would never get a check over five hundred dollars. Perhaps three hundred dollars if I was lucky.

Work sucked. It was a blessing to leave on my birthday. A blessing to call my boss out and point out his obvious faults. Thanks for the best birthday gift possible.

I was excited about the release of the Nintendo Switch.

I owned a Wii U and was disappointed in the short and poor life cycle. Yet I was optimistic about the Nintendo Switch. I doubted I could get a Nintendo Switch though on release.

I never felt like I would have the funds to get a Nintendo Switch. The three hundred dollar price tag was competitive. I am a college student. Surplus of moola in my bank account is impossible. Managing and spending money badly is a habit. The odds in getting a Nintendo Switch were stacked against me.

Mar. 3 2017 arrived.

It felt like another day. I was up and going early in the morning. However, today was different. My sisters had already left. Left extremely early. I normally drive my sisters to school in my boxed Kia Soul. My sisters took my dad’s car. A white 2016 BMW that slicked and shined, a cool beauty. Why can’t I ever drive the BMW?

It was still early. Earlier than the opening of Target. Target would release the Nintendo Switch today. Release the Nintendo Switch early in the morning. I doubted myself. The odds were stacked against me. Yet I felt like I should try. I had just enough money for the system and just the system. Let’s drive down to Target. If Target had the system I promised myself I would spend my last bit of money to buy a Nintendo Switch. Let’s drive to Target.

The line in Target was long. I had no chance. Yet I stayed and waited. Waited and waited to hope for a chance at getting a Nintendo Switch. My waiting backfired. My journey felt incomplete. Destiny reached out and told me to continue my journey. A journey that told me to go uptown. I would give it one final chance.

The speed limit was forty-five miles an hour. Sixty-five miles an hour seemed like a smart idea. Let’s see how many people I cut off in my hurry to gamble for a Nintendo Switch. I should not speed. Especially near uptown due to the congested traffic. Still, I continued to speed and push forward.

Running through the double doors and up the stairs. Going. Just going. Going to electronics. The big line at electronics. Was I too late? Several people lined up waiting and snatching up Nintendo Switches. It was bedlam. Tickets were still being handed out. Perhaps I still did have a chance?

Number twenty-seven. Twenty-seven out of twenty-eight. Second to last. I could buy and own a Nintendo Switch. Own a Nintendo Switch today. On Mar. 3, 2017. My bank account would hate me. Most of my money would be gone. Three hundred plus dollars for a console that would lack in games for a while.

The checkout line long and never ending. I still needed to get to class at nine in the morning. Why can’t this line move faster? Finally, the line shrunk and reached the grand culmination. I stood at the front. Front and center. I just want the Switch. I don’t have the money for Breath of The Wild. I am a broke ass college student who just quit his job a month ago. Just give me my Nintendo Switch and let me leave.

Not only did my bank account hate me but my teacher at the university hated me. The speed limit was forty-five. Sixty-five became eighty-five. I really needed to get class. The interstate became a mad free-for-all with triple digits. I should have gotten a speeding ticket. A speeding ticket would be a better excuse for being late to class. A better excuse than buying a Nintendo Switch.

Ten minutes became thirty minutes. I walked into class thirty minutes late.

My teacher, however, had one silly rule that I abused. She would rather have us show up late than not show up at all. Even if we showed up late she would not mark us tardy. It was a good and bad incentive to show up to class. I took advantage of this privilege sometimes.

I said nothing. It was better that I said nothing. I would be mad too if I was the teacher. In the end though, I got the final laugh. I finished with an “A-” at the end of the semester.

Mar. 3, 2018.

I find it hard to dedicate time towards my hobbies. It’s hard to play my Nintendo Switch all the time. However, the one year anniversary has just passed. The one-year anniversary for the Nintendo Switch. I enjoy my Nintendo Switch. It has been an awesome first year for the Nintendo Switch. I look forward to seeing its growth.

What are you looking forward to on the Nintendo Switch?

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