Surprise PUBG Lootboxes Might Be Gambling

The developers PUBG Corps, Of Player Unknow Battlegrounds fame, have revealed the odds of actually winning the specific items you want inside the game’s Biker and Desperado loot boxes and they’re not looking good. According to their odds, it would take 80 years on average to unlock the rarest items. (Various Continue Reading

Gamer Prank Turns Fatal

An innocent man was killed last week when an argument over Call of Duty led to one player “swatting” the other. “Swatting” is when someone makes a call to a police department with a story about some heinous crime being committed. Usually, the caller will claim to know of a Continue Reading

What is Zero North Zero West?

A new psychedelic first-person experience is coming to PC in the first quarter of the new year. The game or “experience” is called 0°N 0°W and seems difficult to explain, but coming from the steam page: A cross-country road trip strands you in a mysterious town lost amidst the towering mesas and swaying dunes Continue Reading

Streamer dupes UFC viewers

Twitch streamer A.J. Lester has achieved viral fame with his clever tactic of pretending to play UFC 2 in order to broadcast a real UFC event. (Lester “playing” UFC) While streaming live sporting events without a license is illegal, Lester_Gaming pulled off the ruse by doing what any Twitch streamer does, Continue Reading

Kings and Heroes Review

Kings and Heroes is a World of Warcraft inspired online RPG dungeon crawler. Created by a small studio called Industry games it’s easy to see where they draw their influences from.  In my time playing through the title, I experienced several bugs and the world felt surprisingly empty. All the Continue Reading

Star Wars Battlefront 2

EA Suspends Purchases for Star Wars Battlefront 2

EA has removed in-game transactions from the much anticipated Star Wars Battlefront 2. They announced the decision in a pre-release blog post. “We hear you loud and clear, so we’re turning off all in-game purchases,” Dice GM Oskar Gabrielson stated. He elaborated, “We will now spend more time listening, adjusting, balancing and tuning. Continue Reading