Author: Zak Deacon

Character Study: Atreus (God of War)

Spoilers for the God of War series ahead. 2018’s God of War garnered a great deal of critical acclaim for its profound story and visceral combat. The game sees the Ghost of Sparta, Kratos, venturing across an inhospitable...

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A Character Study of Lisa (P.T.)

Upon release, Hideo Kojima’s P.T. became an instant classic that offered up a unique horror experience. While walking through the infinitely looping corridor, the player will come across a tall demonic figure: Lisa. Today,...

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Avengers Gameplay Leaked

Marvel’s Avengers was announced at E3 this year and has amassed a great deal of hype due to the links with the cultural phenomenon that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Gameplay footage of the new title has been leaked...

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