Author: Anthony Dennis

Power Up Podcast Episode 4

Power Up! Ep4 discusses many topics, including the state of Bioware! Tune in every week at Show goes live at 3pm pst! COG – Facebook COG – Twitter COG – YouTube COG – Facebook...

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Power Up Podcast Episode 3

This week, Power Up discusses a myriad of topics including Nintendo Labo and DS1 remastered. Tune in LIVE every Saturday @ 3pm PST!   Social Media Links: COG – Facebook: COG – YouTube: COG – Twitter: COG...

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Power Up Podcast Episode 2

This week, join Taylor, Anthony, Andrew and this weeks guest Matt, as they answer questions about the new year in gaming, Nintendo Direct, whether Ubisoft is a tyrant and much, much more!   Social Media Facebook Facebook...

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Wolfenstein Volume 1 Review

As a person who isn’t that much of a comic reader, Wolfenstein Volume 1 was a pleasant surprise to read and was a treat to look at visually. Having reviewed the digital version of the comic, I found it an enticing and...

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