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As a person who isn’t that much of a comic reader, Wolfenstein Volume 1 was a pleasant surprise to read and was a treat to look at visually. Having reviewed the digital version of the comic, I found it an enticing and interesting experience. The story so far Wolfenstein volume […]

Back when I was a child, I remember going to my local EB Games and picking up a copy of de Blob for the Nintendo Wii. Upon bringing it home, I was hooked on its game-play from the very beginning, with its quirky soundtrack and addictive elements, this was easily […]

Culture of Gaming is dedicated to its staff, marketing content, and associated staff in any way possible. Because of this, we’re happy to announce that every month we will be posting an employee spotlight, highlighting the work and achievements of our dedicated team. David White: Staff Writer   David White […]

Opening Thoughts Being a devout gamer and owning over 90 titles on Xbox One alone I have kind of lost my passion for new and upcoming games. After looking through a couple of upcoming games lists and contemplating what I could pre-order, if anything, a couple of titles caught my […]

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