Gaming fans across the world will be vying to get their hands on the PS5, which was released this month. After all, the new platform promises stunning 4K graphics, an evolved user interface, powerful components, and innovative DualSense control that other controller haptic options are unable to rival. If you […]

There are literally thousands of slot games available to play online, covering a huge range of different themes, pop culture reference points and even specific emotions. Thanks to this huge variety, you can easily find a game that matches your personality, whatever your age, background or tastes. To help you […]

Most people believe that video games can only lead to addictions, violence, lack of physical activity, and other negative consequences. However, many studies suggest that playing video games can improve visual attention, spatial-motor skills as well as some soft skills like critical thinking, resilience, leadership, and creative problem solving. Moreover, […]

The technology space continues to grow very fast as new inventions are popping up every day. Nowadays, you can play online with the help of this new technology. An example is virtual reality gaming. VR is where you play a game using virtual systems. The feeling is as if you […]

Recently, there was a huge spike in people talking about loot boxes in games. Several countries are calling for their removal, and Belgium is currently on the way to ban them completely. So what are loot boxes and will they be restricted? What are the loot boxes? Unlike a cash […]