Devil May Cry 5 is probably one of the greatest games of 2019. The game features Nero, a Devil Hunter along with the true Devil Hunter Dante, and a mysterious man named V. Ever since the game came out and everyone’s been able to beat it, people have been wondering […]

Gearbox Software released a new Borderlands trailer today teasing new information about the new villains, returning characters, and the overall plot. While the trailer is more of a camera moving around a sill mural of the Borderlands cast doing their thing and looking cool to the tune of “Fools of […]

Electronic Arts lays off 350 employees from their marketing publishing and operations teams while scaling back their staff in Japan and Russia. CEO Andrew Wilson made the announcement on EA’s website under “Updating Our Organization And Addressing Our Challenges.” Wilson states, “We’re making deliberate moves to better deliver on our […]

On Monday, the Notre-Dame suffered under a great fire that could not be stopped. The historical monument burned down, and everything inside of it. Everyone from around the world has witnessed the devastation. In fact, Ubisoft has decided that because of the current events, they will be donating €500,000 to […]

BioWare is a company that is known for creating superb RPG series. For example, games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic all belong to them. For years, BioWare has been working under Electronic Arts, and almost nothing was stopping the company from creating games with […]

Indie games are independent games created often without the financial support of a publisher. They are a phenomenal way of showing off a game developer’s creativity through unique game mechanics, art, and storytelling. Several games like No Man’s Sky and Cuphead have been supported widely through AAA publishers like Sony, […]