In the early 2000s there was a massive boom in the gaming world, where anyone could create their own video games with Adobe Flash. The simple, but powerful tool allowed for some creative games and animations. With the changing of times, Flash games have become a thing of the past, […]

Sports games are evolving in the recent years and adapting to a newer generation. The days of Madden seem to be coming to a close as games like Rocket League and new addition Roller Champions start to take the scene. So does this mean that the old school sports games […]

As I sat and watched my oldest daughter play a video game, I realized something important. Each time she plays a game, she does one thing that honestly gets on my nerves: skipping important on screen text that is vital to the gameplay experience. It could be an important story […]

When do you call a game dead and move on to the newer and shinier title? Ask yourself that question — what’s the first answer that pops into your head? There’s a huge trend that I’ve been noticing in the gaming community — when a game is released with a […]

I am a huge fan of watching speedrunners decimate games faster than I could ever imagine. It has been a journey of my own to get into speedrunning, and the root cause is a single event, the reason Summer is one of my favorite times of the year. Summer Games […]

Over the past months I have noticed a game popping up and being recommended to me.  Auto Chess is something that initially I had no idea about.  The idea that you have DOTA characters that you just pick and let loose confused me.  How was this a game and why […]

Sad news in the gaming world today as Desmond “Etika” Amofah, a big member of the Super Smash Bros community, was found dead earlier today on June 25, 2019. Some of Etika’s belongings were found by Manhattan Bridge prior to being found. After days of searching, the police pulled his […]

The movie industry has been turning to video games for inspiration for a while now. However, when they attempt to bring video games to life, they normally fall short. In an effort to please fans, they in most cases cause outrage and even downright hate. The changes from video game […]