Deep Sky Derelicts: PC Review

Snowhound Games’ Deep Sky Derelicts is a title you’d expect to be utterly indistinguishable from half a dozen others. Borrowing heavily from other procedurally generated dungeon crawlers like Darkest Dungeon, its core mechanics are more or less identical. But it innovates in so many small ways that it feels like Continue Reading

Character Creation in RPGs

Genre definitions often become muddied in the gaming realm, as more and more titles pile into the same category, usually for marketing reasons. For example, the Roguelike genre became so muddied and so far beyond the original 1980 Rogue they had to separate some of the games into a second Continue Reading

Is Hype Healthy?

Excitement in the gaming world is a very strange thing. Normally, it’s typified by gleeful children kept awake at the prospect of their birthday the coming morning. But in games, it’s an almost compulsive attention to even the most minor of news morsels. As tends to be the case with Continue Reading

The Frontmen of Gaming

The AAA games industry has a bit of an image problem. That’s no secret. With precious few exceptions, they’re considered to be rapaciously greedy and passionless, treating games as vectors for profit first, products second, and art-forms third if at all. EA has been voted worst company in America twice Continue Reading