You’ve heard of Rockstar Games. They are one of the best game developers on the planet. Every new game they come out with is bigger than the last. Grand Theft Auto V, their last game, has stayed in the NPD charts since 2013. Their next game, Red Dead Redemption II, […]

Communities are nothing new. They keep growing and changing. There is a community for everything. The same is true for video games. There are communities for the games, the developers, the publisher, and more. You think about something, you might find a community all about it. What is interesting is […]


With the release of God of War and its industry-wide critical praise, I’ve been thinking about what PlayStation has done over the past 5 years. Since the launch of the PS4 and the Xbox One, there have been many games that have come out. But PlayStation has found a way […]

Video games are unique within entertainment. Like television and movies, there is usually a story. Also like television and movies, you’ll likely hear music throughout. Furthermore, like many kids’ shows and anime, art is a vital part of the experience. Yet movies and television are passive experiences, while video games […]