FPS games and VR sounds like a match made in heaven, but few titles have managed to make it work. Farpoint has wonderful aiming controls with the aim controller, but movement is slow and plodding. Starblood Arena has fantastic presentation and movement, but lackluster shooting. Now it’s Ubisoft’s turn to […]

Since you’re reading this review, you’re probably either a huge SNK fan or at least curious about the game developers. I have some bad news for you: Up until this review I had never played a single SNK game. No Metal Slug, no King of Fighters, and no Fatal Fury. […]

The heart and soul of Smash Hit Plunder lies in humanity’s innate desire to run amok in a VR environment. The best part is that you don’t even need to clean up after making a horrendous mess of the place. Burn food to a crisp, shatter priceless vases, and smash […]

For a game as beautifully artistic as Arca’s Path, it’s a bit ironic that the vocals of Fred Durst from the Limp Bizkit song Rollin’ were stuck in my head. I solely lay the blame on the Undertaker’s biker phase back in the WWF — now WWE — “Attitude Era”. […]

Sakurai, you are a beautiful ageless man-like child making a game for manchildren. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your endless hours of trying to appease the ungrateful, slovenly horde that is the Smash Bros. community. This past week of posts on the Smash […]

Last week we all came seven days closer to death. Yet, we can find solace in the fact that we are one week close to Sakurai’s masterpiece. We are but eight weeks away from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Stay strong my friends. You will be rewarded in the next life […]

Last weekend I was able to make it to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate preview event at the Best Buy in Richfield, MN. The event went from 1PM to 5PM local time. After rushing to the Best Buy, I was able to get in two matches with two different characters on the […]

What are you doing to us, Sakurai? I can understand appeasing the Daisy fans, but even the puppy dog waifu Smash Bros. fans get their wishes granted? I thought you were merciful! Apologies, I could never understand the supreme power of you, Sakurai. Forgive my mortal insolence. Isabelle will make […]