Now, originally this piece was me ranking ALL female characters from the Pokémon world. However, I spent an evening going through a list of every female Pokémon character there has been, and my tune quickly changed. There are endless amounts of iconic female characters in the Pokémon universe. I decided to […]

If you have been on social media in the last two weeks or have been playing Animal Crossing yourself, you’ve most likely been seeing a lot regarding the Bunny Day event, with not a lot positive being said about it. What is the Bunny Day Event? For anybody who has […]

With one update in-progress and another update on the way at the end of April, Animal Crossing fans have been doing some digging in regards to future content. Recent villager dialogue found in New Horizons has sparked speculation about whether Brewster and his Cafe could be coming in a future […]

TemTem, an ongoing project over the last year or so has released its latest update to their ever growing player-base. Crema revealed the update weeks ago via their projected road-map. With the new update given a run-down today via Crema’s official Twitter and website. Crema are going through obvious challenges […]