Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 came out of nowhere when it was announced at the 2018 Video Game Awards. What was even more unexpected was that developer Team Ninja was behind the game, and it was being published exclusively for the Switch by Nintendo themselves. The game manages to retain the qualities of its predecessors while improving in […]

Paper Mario was the second Mario based RPG to release when it debuted for the Nintendo 64 back in 2000. It followed a lot of your typical RPG tropes such as turn based combat and the party system. But it managed to stand out in other ways. A wacky light hearted RPG experience […]

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door originally released on July 22nd 2004 in Japan, and later that year released internationally. The beloved RPG was developed by Intelligent Systems for the Nintendo GameCube and was published by Nintendo themselves. The developers have been involved with the spin-off series since its beginning on the Nintendo 64, and hasn’t […]

In the last two console generations there has certainly been a rise in the significance of storytelling. Not just from the critics’ standpoint, but fans as well have begun to flock towards games with very deep and compelling narratives, even if the gameplay itself is just par. We’ve seen this […]

Dr. Mario World is a brand new entry in the virus hunting franchise that was set to debut on the 10th of this month but dropped a bit early. Releasing instead on July 9th. The game is a free mobile game, which means there’s already a heap more controversy surrounding the […]

War Tech Fighters is an action-packed Mech game set in many stunning environments. Developed by Drakkar Dev and published by Blowfish Studios, this title launched for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One on June 27th, 2019. Previously it launched on PC back in 2018. The blockbuster like space shooter will only cost you a solid $19.99 USD. […]

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 makes its debut as a Nintendo Switch exclusive title on July 19, 2019. It was developed by Team Ninja and published by Nintendo. As the third entry in the series, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 retains the action RPG traits of its predecessors, but with a modern flair. The […]

The Persona series is a long standing JRPG series that’s part of Atlus‘s greater Shin Megami Tensei video game universe. However, Persona has long since surpassed SMT in popularity, especially here in the west. Historically, the series is a turn-based dungeon crawler. However, this spin-off series has since received many of its own spin-offs. From dancing […]

Mainlining is a point and click adventure developed by Rebelephant and published by Merge Games. In the game you take on the role of an MI7 agent who’s tasked with solving various cyber crimes. It combines witty story telling with mechanics that mimic hacking. It came out on June 20th, 2019 and will […]

There are a lot of great games out there. So many, in fact, that no one would be able to play every single one within their lifetime. With such a high volume of releases every year, there’s been many hidden gems created. Never having been given the spotlight, these games […]

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