For as much as one can hope that the Overwatch Halloween Terror event will be their most exciting year yet, we find ourselves in a rather awkward position. At the time when Summer Games came out, many raised concerns about the disappointing layout and how Jeff of the Overwatch Team confirmed […]

As we get closer to the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield, fans and speculators eagerly await to see what new and returning Pokémon we’ll find in the Galar region. While there’s a fun and wide range of unique Pokémon we can capture, the latest Pokémon reveal has had the […]

With some time passing after the latest Nintendo Direct/Banjo’s introduction to Smash Ultimate, the rumor mill runs rampant. While we love to speculate about future fighters, there was an interesting turn of events when a certain skeleton chose to lazily join Smash. Say what you will of Terry Bogard, but […]

You could say that there was something for everyone in the most recent Nintendo Direct. Whether if it was Undertale‘s Sans getting into Smash as a Mii Gunner, or Fatal Fury‘s Terry Bogard getting in as the 4th fighter’s pass character, it is incredible to think the range of variety […]

If one had to describe the issues with this generation of games, they’d be able to summarize it with a few words. The first things that probably come to mind are loot Boxes or microtransactions, to which I say: you’re not wrong. However, there’s a term going around that better […]

We live in a rather unfortunate time in gaming when we talk about “exclusives”. Usually, when we talk about games being exclusive to a platform, we would be talking about consoles like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch. As of late though, the idea of exclusive titles has […]

Role Queue is coming to Overwatch‘s main servers soon, bringing with it a renaissance for the game. Where previously, games would have several DPS with no tanks or supports, players are now allowed to pick what role they want, meaning they can finally play the one or two characters they […]