When it comes to games like Dynasty Warriors, you either love them or find them too repetitive. There is a certain charm to those games that always makes me coming back for more. From “The Three Kingdoms of China” to manga adaptations, I love the over-the-top combat each game creates. […]

Today marks the start of the OverWatch League!  With it, 312 new skins have added, and even some news of Blizzard World’s release. Waiting Outside The Gates For Opening Day Blizzard World, OverWatch‘s next map has had people excited for what it will bring.  From a new Hybrid map to […]

When you think of a video game character that seems to have done it all, you think of everyone’s favorite plumber in red: Mario. For more than 30 years, Mario has been the character that has gone well beyond his platforming games and has jumped into other genres all the […]

If there is one thing that catches the attention of gamers, it is when characters’ IPs do crossovers. Recently, we’ve seen Assassin’s Creed and Final Fantasy XV give each other nods, Mario teaming up with Rabbids in a strategy game, and even Hellboy and the Ninja Turtles making appearances in […]

As we near the end of the year, Overwatch’s 7th Season is about to wrap up. While Season 8 will start soon, it also means that we are going to see special additions to the game soon. With “Blizzard World” and the special “Blizzard Themed” skins coming, the future of Overwatch is […]

Three of the most requested characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ have finally been officially announced. First, we have Beerus the Destroyer. For everyone’s favorite purple kitty of destruction, he possesses overwhelming strength. He makes use of a special technique called “Spheres of Destruction” that can allow him to set up spheres to […]

As we get ready to close out 2017, one can’t help but look back at how fantastic this year was in gaming. With a wide selection of amazing titles on all platforms, there is no denying that 2017 is one of the best years we’ve had in gaming for quite […]

As we prepare to move into December, we here at Culture of Gaming would like to take some time to reflect on our top videos during the month of November. 1) Tekken World Finals Interview With Mark Religioso During the Tekken World Tour Finals, Andrew was able to interview with […]

The latest update for the Xbox Avatars will need a bit more time before it’s ready.  Back in E3 2017, Microsoft had announced an update to their Xbox Avatars 2.0 that will completely change how your Avatar looks. From being able to express yourself uniquely to customizing disabilities, there was […]

Smash For Switch Coming Soon? When it comes to trademarks, it could mean that a new game could be around the corner.  In the case of Nintendo, it can be a bit more difficult to decipher.  Japanese Nintendo noted a couple of trademarks by Nintendo recently.  These image trademarks include Amiibo, […]