The Nintendo Switch has brought many unique and amazing games to the industry. From anticipated AAA games to surprising indie releases, the Switch provided something for everyone. Lately, however, many have noticed that developers have been bringing some already-existing entries to the console. While exciting at first, fans have started […]

Every now and then, there comes a period where things slow down. For gaming, that usually means fewer big titles releasing. This month, along with the past few, seem to represent this well. While there are few major releases this May, that doesn’t mean we’ll go without any games. Plenty […]

Nintendo’s original handheld system, the Game Boy, recently celebrated its 30th birthday. Because of this, the gaming community began reminiscing about the legacy that the Game Boy left on the industry. The sheer number of games that were introduced on the system alone justified its success. With that said, surely Nintendo would […]

Ah yes, another month, another roster of games ready to make their debut. Let’s cut to the chase: as expected, March lacked in big AAA releases. However, that doesn’t mean some fun games were nowhere to be seen. On the contrary, games like Devil May Cry 5 and Yoshi’s Crafted World brought some […]

Nintendo made history last week, as they had announced their collaboration with Indie studio Brace Yourself Games for a Crypt of the NecroDancer/The Legend of Zelda crossover called Cadence of Hyrule. This will mark the first time that Nintendo has loaned a first-party IP to an Indie developer. While the company has loaned […]

In a world where everything consists of streaming and subscription services, it seemed inevitable that Disney would enter the game at some point. Sure enough, the House of Mouse officially unveiled the contents of their newest streaming service, Disney+, during their Investor Day Webcast. With all the content and accessibility […]

Nintendo has always managed to go beyond the standards when it comes to video game music. From the original Super Mario Bros. theme to the many classic tunes from The Legend of Zelda franchise, the company has always perfectly represented the tones of its games with a wide array of musical classics. This […]

If you’ve followed the Pokémon franchise at all over recent years, then you know that the series has had a close relationship with leaks and rumors. With the build up to each recent new entry, fans flocked to even the tiniest information that could lead to early information. Now, while speculating […]

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