On Sunday afternoon, a competitor in the Madden NFL 19 Championship Series tournament opened fire within the venue in Jacksonville, Florida during the event. According to Sheriff Mike Williams of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s office, the shooter was identified as 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore, Maryland. Katz was a competitor in the […]

From the classic medieval knight to the honorable samurai, swordsmen have greatly influenced the world of gaming, and it makes perfect sense. It’s amazingly fun to play as a character that can perform skills and tricks that we ourselves could never pull of with a blade. Swords just make combat […]

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have existed within gamers’ homes for some time now. Because of this, rumors have surfaced regarding the successors to both consoles: the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Two. Though both Sony and Microsoft have said little regarding the topic, we can assume that console […]

Video game crossovers are always fun when they happen. The idea of two popular franchises merging together to create a potentially amazing game just gets fans excited. Gamers love to see how iconic characters from different universes would interact with each other if they met. Whether it be to stop […]

Earlier this week, we discussed the first half of the rankings of every Kingdom Hearts game. Now we will continue with the second and final part of the list. If you haven’t looked at the first part of the rankings, be sure to do so, as this part will continue on […]