It’s a bright and sunny day in the Sector 7 Slums, and Betty’s just looking for someone to play with – and with Marlene sleeping in, she wants you to help find her Lost Friends. The Lost Friends sidequest can be started after you clear out the monsters in Scrap […]


Destiny 2: New Light has finally launched, giving everyone a chance to jump into the series. Unfortunately, Bungie seems to have taken the wrong notes from Warframe — New Light offers a very confusing and aimless experience for new players like it’s free-to-play contemporary. Letting players skip straight into the […]

Bungie‘s Destiny series is renowned for its gunplay, and some of its most iconic weapons are its hand cannons. As a looter shooter, Destiny‘s weapons have different rarities, ranging from common all the way up to exotic. But Destiny 2‘s most infamous hand cannons aren’t actually exotic — they’re legendary. […]