Author: John Hansen

Black Ops 4 Zombies Tips and Tricks

Treyarch’s latest turn for the yearly Call of Duty is upon us. I wanted to take a look at the Black Ops 4 zombies mode and give some starting tips and tricks for the three new maps. The following will go over core gameplay...

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Pokémon Go Adds Gen 4 Pokémon

Niantic is adding Generation 4 Pokémon to the mix in Pokémon Go. Users of the popular mobile game will just need to download a quick update and they can start searching for 23 of the eventually 100 pocket monsters from the...

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Aladdin Trailer Released

The live action remake of Aladdin got its first trailer showing off what the movie will look like. Showing a quick shot of the desert and Iago flying over Agrabah, the trailer gets the nostalgia flowing. We also get out first...

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