After three games, the Mortal Kombat series was looking for a new direction. Technology had progressed to such a degree that many games had begun to leave the land of 2D and entered the 3D land. Super Mario 64 had shown the world what could be done with the switch to 3D,  first-person shooters had been rendering quasi 3D for […]

The Tokyo Game Show (TGS) took place this week and among the announcements and updates of Sony’s Press Conference, publisher Square Enix announced a new game titled Left Alive. Described as a “survival action shooter” in a “dark and gritty world,” Left Alive is being developed by Armored Core V […]

Since E3 this year, there has been an interest in cross-platform connectivity. This year, both Minecraft and Rocket League have opened themselves up to connecting between Xbox One, PC, Switch, and mobile; the lone holdout being the PlayStation 4. There have been other games over the years that allowed connection between […]

Overwatch is a game with a big following, consistently remaining in the top five played games on Twitch. Overwatch has inspired a rabid following that looks like it is not dying down anytime soon. If you have never tried it out for yourself, or are still on the fence about […]