Over the past several years, as gaming videos with commentary such as Let’s Plays, walkthroughs, and Twitch streams become more prevalent on the internet, the debate over fair use has become heated, especially in the face what’s perceived as more and more rampant content claims under the Digital Millennium Copyright […]

South Park has become one of those shows that has always been there, like The Simpsons or WWE Raw. When it first came out, the expectation was that controversy would drag it into cancellation sooner rather than later. A mixture of being genuinely funny, a willingness to push boundaries without […]

Everybody has a smart phone. There is an app for everything, from social media, to banking, and even Microsoft Office. One of the untapped markets for phones is as a controller for video games.  The Playstation 4 exclusive Play Link game series—of which the new game Knowledge is Power is […]

A Slippery Slope Let’s talk about loot boxes and premium currency. Somewhere in the last couple of years, mobile games created a new way to make money. The traditional method involved just buying the game or watching advertisements. They then found that, if they made their game free to play, […]

After three games, the Mortal Kombat series was looking for a new direction. Technology had progressed to such a degree that many games had begun to leave the land of 2D and entered the 3D land. Super Mario 64 had shown the world what could be done with the switch to 3D,  first-person shooters had been rendering quasi 3D for […]