The idea that the future holds a resurgence of gladiatorial combat is a popular idea for video games. The premise of characters fighting in an arena to the death works well with games where the player is supposed to use a playstyle that captures their imagination. Laser League has just […]

The film industry has long tried to find a way to capture the spirit of video games with licensed movies. We are long past the days of movies created by people who don’t understand a property or why its popular. This doesn’t mean that movies based on video games are […]

The indie games market has exploded in recent years. While it’s great that there are so many options aside from the giant public ally traded game companies, small companies now face bigger challenges. They must find a way to get noticed. This can be challenging without a fair amount of […]

Remaster is not a new term in the gaming realm. At one point a company releasing a remaster was seen as something terrible. Now, more and more classic games are brought up to date. Remasters are just a part of the industry like sequels or DLC. This isn’t a bad thing. […]