Say what you will, Diablo is undoubtedly a massive franchise, spanning three games with each equally having their own dedicated fanbase. The last official release of the franchise was in 2012, a whole six years of nothing for the community and we get the bomb shell of a mobile game only […]

It’s the time of the year again where the horror and spooks come to life. This is no different from games. It’s been a whole year since I had the honor of reviewing the indie-horror game Phantom Halls by Incendium, and today it was officially released. I’m going to be […]

It’s been a while since the latest release of a new Warframe, and the developers show no sign of slowing down with their latest release, Revenant, a Warframe capable of using sentient energy itself. This Eidolon/vampire inspired Warframe is the pinnacle of spin2win frames, so without further ado, let’s take […]

I feel like SMITE has been doing great recently, with Baron Samedi’s well-received reception. I’m taking a look as Hi-Rez Studios dishes out another great God design: Pele, the Goddess of Volcanoes. Lore Lore wise, with Pele being the Goddess of Volcanoes, an assassin isn’t what I pictured. Yes it […]

Pokémon has grown to be known as a massive franchise over the years, with classics becoming ever more prevalent over generations of gamers. It’s not uncommon for such games to receive a spin-off to try and make more money, but most of the time they leave a bad mark on […]

I have never experienced the game Asteroids. I’ve only ever heard of it in retro videos and articles. But Solaroids: Prologue is a game that takes the vision of the classic arcade shooter and remakes it to modern standards. Asteroids When I first heard that Solaroids was a redone vision of Asteroids, naturally I […]

It’s that time of the year again, where new releases are being released every month. This week we are going to check out our top ten reccomended games coming out in July. 10. Sleep Tight (PC, Switch) – July 26th   Firstly, coming to Switch and PC, we have Sleep […]