Rise From The Ashe(n)s

The Game Awards 2018 promised a grand affair with many new games and add-on announcements. It certainly delivered, with a lot of titles being either revealed for the first time, or having development updates shared. One title showing progress is Ashen, but what exactly is it and why should you pay attention? The Aurora Effect The […]

In The Vein Of Souls: A Comparison

With its trademark tough-but-fair difficulty and interconnecting world design, Dark Souls pioneered its own genre of RPG. Hallmarks of this “Souls-like” genre include punishing difficulty, an interconnected open world, and storytelling primarily through item descriptions and players must draw the connections. The newest contender in the “Souls-like” genre is Code Vein, a title from Bandai Namco Studios. […]

Nexon Thinks PUBG Caused Low LawBreakers Sales

Breaking No Sales Targets LawBreakers publisher Nexon has come out with a reason for the lack of sales for its new IP. The reason? Apparently, the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. LawBreakers is the most recent title from Boss Key Productions, a studio formed by Cliff Bleszinski and Arjan Brusse from Epic Games and Guerrilla Games respectively. […]