Pass the Salt

The 1650 SUPER is Here, Intel Has More Leaks, TSMC Steps Things Up – Pass the Salt

Get caught up with Matthew on this week’s episode of Pass the Salt. Everything from Intel to TSMC to Nvidia is here! Check out last week here! TSMC to Hire 8000 Engineers for 3nm Research and Development Center: Hackers Successfully Unlocked Smartphones Using Fingerprints Lifted Off a Glass: Continue Reading

How To Deep Clean your keyboard

How To Deep Clean Your Keyboard

When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard? The most common answer is never. Don’t worry though. Today, Taylor will show you how to not only clean your keyboard, but DEEP CLEAN it. getting every last nook filled with dirt and dust.  Enjoy!

From Etherborn

Etherborn PC Review

What do you get when you have a puzzle game as a base, mix in some beautiful art, and top it off with a bit of gravity? You get Etherborn, a game which will take your brain, and break said brain over your knee.  At least it will look pretty Continue Reading