Manmade Demo Review

Cbilab VR Studios is a Turkish based company hoping to put out their first game, Manmade, in May 2019. I say hoping because it is going to be an episodic game consisting of five chapters and Cbilab is going to be having a Kickstarter for season one on May 31. All of this information was a […]

Coffee Crisis Review

Coffee Crisis, developed and published by Mega Cat Studios, is a side scrolling beat-em-up following in the footsteps of giants like Streets of Rage. It stars protagonists Nick and Ashley, the owners of the Black Forge Coffee House. After a seemingly normal day at the coffee house, aliens invade to rob us humans of our internet, coffee and […]


It’s 2049 and Earth’s cities, forests and icecaps are fouled with toxic sludge.” That is the first sentence in the opening image of the Sega Genesis classic Vectorman. It’s 1995 and my brother and I are playing Vectorman for the first time. Passing the controller back and forth, and fighting the helicopter boss at the end […]

Murderous Pursuits Review

The intense and suspenseful game-play of Murderous Pursuits, developed and published by Blazing Griffin, is perfectly balanced with its ridiculous and absurd moments. It’s an intense game of cat and mouse on board a giant, flying, time traveling ship, the Britannic. I would like to give you more details about The Britannic but the game never really gives […]