A copy of Neon City Riders was sent to us for the purpose of this review. Neon City Riders is a top down adventure game from developer Mecha Studios and published by Bromio, it released on March 12th 2020. In it, players assume the role of Rick, a juvenile adventurer […]

  Allow me to paint you a scene. You’re facing your opponent in the most recent Pokémon game. You’re each down to your last few Pokémon. However, you’ve thought ahead and gone and stacked a Dragon Dance or two on your current ‘mon. As a result, your current Pokémon is […]

Adult Swim Games revealed this afternoon that they are working on a brand new Samurai Jack game alongside Japanese developer Soleil Ltd. Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time looks to share the zany and expressive hack-and-slash gameplay style of games like the oft-overlooked Afro Samurai game from 2009. Adult Swim Games seems […]