Retro Rumble Podcast Episode #07: Video Game Movies Part I

Hey guys!! It’s time for another episode of the Retro Rumble podcast! This week, host Mike is joined by Jonathan and David to begin our multiple part special on the much debated topic of video game movies. We open our discussion with three of the earliest and most notable video game movies, Super Mario Bros […]

Retro Rumble Podcast Episode #08: Half-Life

Hello everyone! In this weeks episode, the Retro Rumble team gather to discuss one of the greatest video games ever created and one of the most influential and important first-person shooters, HALF-LIFE. Join this weeks host, Ethan, Joel and David (for whom Half-Life is an all-time favourite). We look both entries in the series so […]

Retro Rumble Podcast Episode #04: Final Fantasy Part II – The PlayStation Era

Hello everyone! After some delay, may we present to you Episode 4 of the Retro Rumble podcast, and the second part of our Final Fantasy discussion! Join Culture of Gaming’s own Mike, David and Aidan as they discuss the PlayStation era of the legendary RPG series, Final Fantasy. Don’t forget you can watch our next […]

Retro Rumble Podcast Episode #03: Final Fantasy Part 1 – The NES/SNES era

Hey you, spooniest of bards! It’s time for this weeks episode of the Retro Rumble podcast. In today’s episode, Mike and David are joined by Aidan from the Culture of Gaming team to discuss NES and Super NES era Final Fantasy games and their personal history with this era of a legendary RPG series. Watch […]

Retro Rumble Podcast Episode #01

Hello everyone! Say hello to a new show from Culture of Gaming, the Retro Rumble podcast! A podcast dedicated to classic video games! New episode every week! In our “first” episode the podcast gang discuss the retro goings in the modern world, the UK’s North East Retro Gaming convention and Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. We […]

Can you identify these 20 video game consoles from just their controller?

From Paddles to Joysticks to D-Pads to Shoulder Buttons the video game controller has evolved over the last 40 years, what we have in modern times seems to be an accepted formula for controller design. Here you’ll see 20 examples from across video game history, as you’ll see the humble video game controller has changed […]