Features The Next Generation Of Pokemon Should Take From Let’s Go

next pokemon game

We’re rapidly approaching the release of Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee. These games, which are major departures for the franchise, are already controversial among Pokemon fans. While the two are in many cases a simplified Pokemon experience, they are also introducing (or in some cases, reintroducing) many key features to the franchise. With the next generation of Pokemon games already […]

Indie Horror Games That Will Send a Chill Down Your Spine

indie horror games to play

We’re rapidly approaching Halloween, aka the spookiest time of year. People everywhere want to give themselves a bit of fright, and what better way to do so than with some video games? Games are quite possibly the scariest medium out there, since you’re the one driving the action. Nevertheless, here are some indie horror games […]

The Gardens Between Review

the gardens between review

If one were to describe The Gardens Between (releasing September 20th), it would be relatively simple. It is a game where you control time. On the surface, it’s a surrealist, at times challenging puzzle game, but in reality, it’s a tale of friendship. While the main mechanic involves you controlling time, the passage of time hovered over my […]

Nintendo Switch is Getting (Almost) All of the Final Fantasy

final fantasy nintendo switch

Holy chocobos! The most recent Nintendo Direct went all-in on Final Fantasy. Not one, not two, but eight Final Fantasy games will be coming to the Nintendo platform. All is well in the world of JRPGs. Not only are five(ish) mainline Final Fantasy games coming to the system, but so are three spin-off titles! The good news started by the […]

We Happy Few Review

we happy few review

Few games have had as interesting of a development history as We Happy Few. Originally announced at E3 2016, it made waves for its atmosphere and mystery. Unfortunately, a narrative-driven game was not what (the now Microsoft-owned) Compulsion Games had in mind. After hearing fan demand, We Happy Few suddenly transitioned to a randomly-generated survival game into a […]