Apex Legends is Respawn Entertainment‘s team-focused battle royale that expects players to work together, unlike the competitive solo outings found in other games of the same genre. After landing from a drop shop, you and your team rush to equip weapons and armors of different rarities. However, something has happened […]

All forms of art and media are littered with varied and wondrous interpretations of humanity’s future. Most of them aren’t nearly nihilistic enough for my liking, but they’re an entertaining marvel nonetheless. Among the many mediums, video games are the best equipped to convey their depictions of the future. They […]

In an industry that’s coming to demand more and more of our time, the undisputed kings of this are MMORPGs. MMORPGs can take well over ten-thousand hours of your time and think nothing of it, which leaves them in an odd position. While they are nominally RPGs, there are no […]

Rarely does a game manage to take both an unoriginal tale and an unoriginal design, and make something original with it. It’s something that Nocked! itself barely manages to pull off. Heavily inspired by the text-based adventure games of old, Nocked! adopts the ‘choose your own adventure’ style of gameplay. […]

In my most recent article, I couldn’t help but wander off on a tangent about Halo: Reach’s brilliant narrative conclusion as soon as I got the chance. It places you in the shoes of a single spartan strike team attempting to defeat an entire planetary invasion. An impossible task, but […]

The strategy genre is one of the oldest out there, dating all the way back to 1981, with titles like Utopia for the Intellivision, a console twice as old as I am. It’s inspired some of the biggest franchises in the gaming world, from Warcraft to Civilization. They’ve also told […]

The self-published sequel to Area 35’s previous Tiny Metal title, Full Metal Rumble continues to define the series by its elegance in simplicity. Employing very basic turn-based strategy gameplay and a timeless cel shaded style, it manages to take something that appears at first glance to be a sub-par mobile […]