As The Game Awards of 2018 has wrapped up, we have seen some amazing trailers. ATLAS has an official release trailer, developed by the same creators of Ark: Survival Evolved. Grapeshot Games and Instinct Games have come forward with an action-adventure, FPS, open-world, MMO Survival game.


From this trailer, we can see a lively town, presumably with NPCs. There looks to be epic ship battles, with the ability to board others. Mythical creatures (such as dragons),chariots with cannons, and even gigantic sea beasts all make an appearance in the trailer as well. Seemingly, there are islands to explore, coupled with various enemies and the possibility of treasure. Caves, sword fights, and massive battles fought between both land and sea (together). ATLAS looks to be an interesting game.


Expect a full release of ATLAS on Steam December 13th, 2018. Yes, there seems to be no indication of early access.

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