After the recent tragedy that struck the Notre Dame, Ubisoft donated €500,000 to help fund the cathedral’s reconstruction. In addition to their kind gesture, they are also giving away free copies of Assassin’s Creed Unity, which features the Notre Dame (among other famous landmarks), through Uplay and the Ubisoft Store from April 17th to the 25th. This promotion brought in enough players that Ubisoft had to actually perform emergency maintenance to increase server capacity on April 19th at 7:00 am UTC.

Unity’s Comeback

Ubisoft explained that the giveaway was made for players to appreciate their faithful recreation of Notre-Dame. According to their press release, they “… developed an even closer connection with this incredible city and its landmarks – one of the most notable elements of the game was the extraordinary recreation of Notre-Dame.”

So after that announcement, fans from all over have been freely downloading the 2014 title. While fans have been enjoying co-op with a newfound appreciation for the game, it was too much for the servers.

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Emergency Refunds

Ubisoft are also refunding copies of Assassin’s Creed Unity that were purchased a few days before the game’s free promotion. According to Ubisoft’s customer support, “If you purchased the game after Monday April 15th at 2:00 PM EST before we made it available for free today, we will reach out to you regarding a refund of the order.”


It’s nice to see Ubisoft‘s response to the tragedy that struck the Notre Dame. Giving Assassin’s Creed Unity away for free will let people appreciate the landmark’s architecture, even if it’s a digital reconstruction. Ubisoft encourages players to continue supporting the Notre Dame, which has reached $700 million in donations internationally.

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