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Each issue of Assassin’s Creed: Origin starts off with a small epilogue involving Cleopatra and her son. She is training her son in the ways of armed combat and crucial aspects of being a leader such as trust, loyalty, and deception. Cleopatra helps her son understand these important traits by recounting the events that Aya helped set in Ancient Rome. I’m glad that Anthony Del Col and Ann Lemay included these epilogues segments into the story. Giving the readers a taste of who Cleopatra was and why she was a strong leader during her time. Assassin’s Creed: Origin is still the best medium to see her in action but these glimpses into The Ides of March help paint Aya’s backstory.

Who is right?

We continue a to explore the past of one of Assassin’s Creed most prominent characters, Aya. These new issues continue her story and her whereabouts during the reign of Julius Caesar. After the events that lead into the Ides of March, Aya finds herself in quite the predicament. Liberating the people created chaos and now Rome stands to burn to the ground because she allied herself with Brutus. Another prominent historical figure, Mark Antony, is after Aya and Brutus for the assassination of Caesar.

Assassin's Creed Origins

Rome is starting to fall apart at the seams and fear is running rampant as both leadership and chaos descend on the citizens of Rome. Aya starts to see that not all forms of justice can deliver the results that lead to freedom. Even though Caesar was going mad with power and developing a god-complex, assassinating him in a public space angered the citizens who saw him as a beloved leader and general. Aya starts to question why and how people can develop loyalty to an unjust cause but she is also starting to see that shades of grey in her cause.

Eagle Dives and Arena Fights

There are some amazing scenes within these pages that help flesh out more locations in Rome such as the aqueducts. Great paneling work and perfect pacing help create a well-done chase scene. The flow of movement during Aya’s escape looks beautiful and the sense of a desperate escape is enhanced by the soldiers who chase her. There is a two-page spread that pays a homage to the Assassin’s Leap of Faith and it is magnificent. There is also an amazing sequence of panels in issue 3 that is both clever and make good use of the Rome’s history when it comes to blood sports.

Aya’s journey has been packed with action that manages to interweave historical events of Ancient Rome. However, we are starting to see that the world isn’t as clear-cut as Aya would like it to be. Allying herself to one side could have dramatic repercussions. Only time will tell where this journey will lead and how it ties together with Cleopatra and her son.

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Great Chase
New Enemies
Shades of Grey
Slow Moments

Review Summary

Assassin’s Creed: Origins still continues Aya’s journey as she learns that not all actions have the ramifications that she desires.

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