Titan Comics’ Assassin Creed: Origins explores a tale of Aya in her younger days; which is set before the events of the game. This first issue starts off with an amazing scene involving Cleopatra. She introduces her childhood friend as someone who stands in the face of adversity. The entire issue is a retelling of a famous event in the Roman Empire and how Aya played a part. What I love about the beginning of this series. Is that the Anthony Del Col wastes no time getting into the action. The pacing is great and it sets up several scenes without being bogged down with exposition about Rome or the politics of the time.


This story is able to stand on its own even if someone who hasn’t played the game started off with this issue. It’s brilliant in its simplicity and creates a great tale that establishes Aya’s character. I’m surprised by the amount of historical significance that this issue brings forth. There is a great array of historical figures that are well known and Aya’s interactions with them is satisfying. One of the best attributes of the Assassin’s Creed franchise is the retelling of historical events but from the point of view of the Assassin’s. We know that Assassin’s Creed: Origins is about how the Assassin’s Brotherhood began in Egypt. This comic book series helps fill a void of the origins of one of the game’s most prominent characters.

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The Rise of Aya

These events take place 14 years prior to Bayek’s marriage to Aya. I’m glad that Titan Comics decided to tell this story using Aya when it could have been easier to make it about Bayek. This story creates a strong narrative about her ambitions and goals. Aya feels that it is her duty to overthrow tyrants and dictators to liberate the people. However, those strong motivations don’t always work out and this issue ends with a great set up for what happens next.

Assassin’s Creed Origins #1’s artwork is stellar and drawn beautifully. The colors used are great and the entire issue carries a shade of gold throughout it. My only criticism is the use of green during a meeting in a bathhouse. It felt out of place and it looks like a poorly conceived Lazarus Pit. There are some comic book panels positioned in a way that makes sense for the scene and adds a dramatic flair to what’s being portrayed. At one point, an entire page is dedicated to the climax of the issue and it’s filled with visual style. It’s one of my favorite pages because of the colors used and the flow of the panels.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins #1 is a great start to this prequel story and it will leave you wanting for more. It’s a great story that stands well on its own without having prior knowledge of the game.

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Retelling of A Famous Historical Event
Well Paced and Great Artwork
Poor Man’s Lazarus Pit

Review Summary

Assassin’s Creed: Origins #1 is a great story about Aya and how she played a big role during the reign of the Roman Empire.

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