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Apple Swipes Left On Intel in this episode of Pass the Salt, brought to you by our affiliate channel Tech For Thought.

The first story up is LG debuting their 40% transparent, full resolution OLED display. While not really meant for consumer use, this is meant to aid businesses with their advertising. Next, credible rumors have begun swirling around that Apple swipes left on Intel. That is, the 2021 MacBooks will have processors based on Apple’s upcoming A14 chip. This move would reduce Apple’s reliance on Intel, and further tighten their grip on their hardware ecosystem across devices.

Finally, TSMC has announced that design and early development work has begun on their 2nm process. Furthermore, TSMC is predicting 5nm to gain further maturity this year. And their 3nm process reaching maturity by 2023. TSMC is years ahead, but how long will their luck hold? Companies are having design issues in the reduced space, so hopefully designs will exist to take advantage of the manufacturing process.

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Exciting tech news this week. Stay tuned as (hopefully) Pass The Salt continues on a weekly basis.

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Hosted by: Matthew Garcia

Written by: Taylor Evans

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