Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re all wondering what is in store for Apex Legends. Competing with others to retain their player base, Respawn Entertainment may do it with their new Limited Time Map this season. Earlier this year, Respawn stated that King’s Canyon would no longer be accessible. Shadowfall is here to change that.

Shadowfall is the new mode coming to Apex and has brought back the familiar map once more. It is part of the Fight or Fright event, running from October 15th to November 5th and will also include a variety of weapons and avatar skins.

In Shadowfall, players are sent to an alternate universe ruled by a being known as The Revenant. Players are dropped back into King’s Canyon; only this time, it is shrouded in darkness. You will have to outlast several players before “shadows” of dead players chase you around the map. If you can survive the onslaught as one of the ten remaining Legends, your final objective will be to board the evacuation vessel.

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If you are not able to avoid death, you become part of The Revenant’s “Shadow Squad.”

In addition to Shadowfall, Fight or Fright will reward players with double XP for both getting Top 5 and Wins. Keep up the work, and you’ll be able to unlock skins, badges, and music packs exclusive to the event. Hurry onto Apex Legends before the game ends on November 5th.

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