Apex Legends Season 5 launches on May 12, 2020. Despite having to wait an extra week for Season 5, fans are excited to see what new content it brings with it. In preparation for the Season 5 launch, players have been scouring high and low for Easter eggs. As theories and ideas circulate, desired additions and changes they’d like to see in Season 5 are rampant. From anticipated Legend buffs to expanding gameplay modes, here’s some changes we’d love to see in Season 5…

Apex and its New Legends

New Seasons often bring new Legends with them. Season 4 introduced Revenant, aptly referred to as “Synthetic Nightmare.” This addition of Revenant introduced players to a series of new team-based combat styles. Whilst his addition to Season 4 was a big hit, fans want more. So as Season 5 approaches, some hope to meet more than one new legend.


There are several unconfirmed rumors floating around about who the new additions are. Among the rumored Legends is Rosie, who also goes by Loba. What is known about Rosie/Loba is largely speculation. We only have Season 4’s launch trailer that offers solid clues about her identity.

Though the trailer focuses on introducing Revenant, we are also introduced to a young Rosie. She watches as Revenant kills several Hammond Robotics executives, and ultimately her mother and father. Then the ending shot of the trailer shows a vengeful Rosie kneeling beside her deceased father.


There are also rumors circulating about the addition of Forge. James McCormick, nicknamed “The Forge,” was created as a dupe. After data miners leaked news about Revenant’s introduction in Season 4, developers purposely leaked Forge’s concept art and abilities.

In January 2020, the Apex Legends YouTube channel shared “Up Close and Personal.” The video shows Forge sitting down to an interview with a news anchor. About halfway through the one minute and seven second clip, the lights flicker. Revenant emerges from the shadows and stabs Forge, covering the news anchor in blood. Any expectations about Forge joining the Legends were quickly dashed.

Some speculate the Forge may not actually be dead. Theories suggest that Revenant may have killed someone posing as Forge’s double. During the interview, you can spot a scar over his left eyebrow that doesn’t exist in the concept artwork.

Many players hope to see more than one Legend introduced in Season 5. Additional Legends add excitement to the game and allow squads to redesign play styles. Each new Legend comes with their own set of skills and ability that forces players to rethink how they approach enemies in combat.

Apex Legends Buffs, Nerfs, and Reworks

Changes fans most commonly request are buffs and nerfs. Different Legends have unique abilities assigned to them. Sometimes, abilities need to be strengthened (buffed) or weakened (nerfed). As Season 5 approaches, fans hope to see improvements made to several Legends.

Lifeline Buffs


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One Legend people want to see buffed in Season 5 is Lifeline. Currently, Gibraltar’s abilities overshadow Lifeline. As a medic, Lifeline’s abilities are all centered around healing and combat resources. Her tactical ability is her companion, the Drone of Compassion (D.O.C.). The drone will automatically heal nearby squadmates. Lifeline’s passive ability as a combat medic allows her to revive knocked down squadmates quickly behind a protective shield. Her ultimate ability allows her to call for care packages, which will descend on a designated spot and carries random “high-quality defensive gear.”

Unfortunately, Lifeline is a weaker Legend in comparison to others. Earlier in April, a patch gave Lifeline a buff where she can access health-related resources from blue bins across the map. However, one player found that the buff isn’t that useful. Blue bins are rare to find. It’s also rare that the items in these bins are worth it.

Developers remain cautious about buffing Lifeline. They don’t want to make a medic too strong of a character. However, Lifeline’s playability decreases as Legends like Gibraltar continue to get buffed. Some players question if playing as Lifeline is even worth it when you could use Gibraltar whose tactical ability includes healing items being 25 percent faster under his dome. Lifeline is in dire need of buffing, else she risks her popularity dropping further.

Bangalore Buffs


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Bangalore is also in need of a buff. Currently, all her abilities make her a weaker Legend. Her tactical ability, a smoke canister that immediately creates a smoke wall, is impossible for anyone to see through, including Bangalore. Launching canisters at enemies is useful until your squad also gets lost in it, too. To combat this, Bangalore’s passive ability should include seeing enemies through her own smoke.

Then, there’s Bangalore’s ultimate ability. When. she unleashes her it, a rolling artillery strike, it has a delayed detonation. Red transparent symbols appear on the screen to warn squadmates and opposition about the incoming strike. This is unlike Gibraltar’s, which calls in an immediate mortar strike to the area. Some fans of Bangalore argue that her ultimate should launch artillery faster than it currently does to keep opponents from escaping.

Caustic Reworks


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Many fans have suggested developers rework Caustic’s abilities. Currently, his tactical and ultimate abilities involve releasing a deadly Nox gas. Though he and his squadmates are immune to the gas he deploys, it is difficult to tell what traps have been released by the Caustic on your squad. As a result, Caustic’s squadmates may attempt to destroy traps he has set. To correct this, Caustic’s gas should appear a different color to him and his squadmates. Enemy gas should remain the same color, but there needs to be something distinguishable about ally traps.

Apex Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM)

The debate on SBMM is talked about by most of the Apex community. With SBMM, players are assigned to matches based on skill. This means they will be placed into matches with players of similar experience.

Mid-to-high skill players tend to hate SBMM because casual matches feel a lot more like Ranked matches. Ranked matches are tier-based where players are initially assigned to the Bronze tier. They then need work harder to progress up the ranks. With SBMM in casual matches, mid and high skill players are matched with similarly-skilled opponents, thus making casual matches too competitive. Many opponents of SBMM in casual matches just want to have fun with the game. They don’t want to face the challenges faced in Ranked.

Those in favor of SBMM argue that any game that is player versus player (PvP) like Apex is naturally competitive. Removing SBMM in a game that’s already competitive would increase the disadvantages low-skilled players face. Thus Higher-skilled players would dominate the maps, making it too difficult for low-skilled players to succeed. Arguably, without SBMM, low-skilled players would hardly improve.

Mid-skilled players see the worst effects of SBMM. They tend to be matched with low-skill players and are placed in arenas where the champions are high-skilled players. As a result, mid-skill players often end up carrying their squad for the duration of the match against opponents with higher skill levels. (Although, you could argue this would be a problem without SBMM, too.)

How To Fix It

Ultimately, the developers don’t need to remove SBMM in Season 5. Thus Respawn need to alter the game to accommodate the needs of all skill levels. Understandably, casual matches shouldn’t be as challenging as ranked. High-skilled players deserve a system where they can enjoy playing Apex. Also lower-skilled players shouldn’t feel like they’re struggling to keep up. So currently, the SBMM in casual matches mimics the one used in Ranked matches. Surely developers could work on altering how the SBMM in casual matches to benefit all players, regardless of skill level?

We Want to Hear From You

Season 5 will bring about many changes to Apex. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to name all of the changes fans would like to see, but we would like to hear from you. What Legends should be buffed, nerfed, or reworked and how do you feel about SBMM? What new Legends do you want to see? Is there something you want changed that I haven’t listed? Be sure to leave a comment below or interact with us on Twitter (@thecognetwork).

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