In this week’s Power Up Podcast, Taylor, Andrew & Anthony are joined by Juan as they recap the week’s news such as the Joycon Class Action Lawsuit, Apex Legends season 3, The Last of Us 2 Multiplayer Details, and so much more.

Kicking thing’s off, the guys take a look at Apex legend’s Season 3 content and just what the game will have to offer players in this new season. We have a new legend coming to the game called Crypto who features a unique skillset. We will also be getting a brand new map as well as a couple of new weapons and hop-ups. Have you checked out Season 3 yet? Let us know your thoughts on the game by leaving a comment down below!

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Following this, we take a look at the Switch Lite’s sales figures as well as Joycon Drift issues that once again seem to be plaguing the Switch Lite. Just how can Nintendo fix this issue?

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Some of the other topics we discussed this week include The Last of Us 2 not having a multiplayer mode, the rights to Ms Pacman lapsing and being snatched up by At Games, and Modern Warfare not having a Spec Ops Mode.

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