Apex Legends‘ possible next character, Crypto, is making appearances in-game. The game’s subreddit is already full of videos of people that encountered him. Players can see Crypto in Labs, while the character is working behind protective glass. When Crypto realizes that players are watching, he escapes from a door nearby.

CRYPTO has appeared!!! He ran away! from apexlegends

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Crypto’s drone is also in the room. While on the screen on which Crypto is working, the players can see an image that Reddit user ExoMadaraTv indicates as identical to Titanfall’s space elevator, which players can see on the map Eden in Titanfall 2.

Initially many thought that this Apex Legends‘ character would’ve joined the roster on Season 2. However, since this second season ends on October 1st, this won’t be the case.

Crypto that as said will most likely be the next character introduced in the game should arrive instead in Season 3. Though there is not an official date for the start of the third season, yet.

Though it’s worth noting that there isn’t any certainty that the character will keep the name Crypto. This name is how the legend is referred to in the Apex Legends’ files. And even if it is unlikely the name could change once the legend arrives on King’s Canyon.

Apex Legends‘ Crypto earliest leaks

Apex Legends

Source: ea.com

Crypto appeared first in Pathfinder’s background. Then he has been spotted in a series of leaked game files among other not yet released legends. Also, on August 27th, a leaked image showed the first proper image of Crypto.
At every seasonal event, the leaks around this character increase and the chance to see Crypto as the next legend always seems a little bit more a reality.

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