Apex Legends is Respawn Entertainment‘s team-focused battle royale that expects players to work together, unlike the competitive solo outings found in other games of the same genre. After landing from a drop shop, you and your team rush to equip weapons and armors of different rarities. However, something has happened over the course of Apex Legends’ current lifespan that raises some red flags.

The obvious goal is to get gear before your opponents. However, there’s this growing mentality that your teammates don’t deserve that gear either.

Team Play Down

I’ve recently been getting back into Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends in a massive way. I had initially played it at launch out of love and support for the Titanfall series. However, immense burnout took hold and I completely skipped out on the Season 1 Battle Pass.

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Season 2 has come around, bringing with it a new stack of pay-for-loot to unlock. From match to match, you’re also provided with a core set of gear that must be scavenged from the battlefield.

No ‘I’ in Team

Each and every match I have ever played had teammates that used all sorts of tactics to prevent me from gathering loot. It contradicts the point of the game — while titles like Call of Duty provide quick kill methods, Apex relies on a partial RPG system of damage modifiers that only get strong when a team of three work together.

Often, you’ll see a singular teammate with all the best gear run off in the opposite direction and try to take on the world themselves, only to doom themselves and potentially your group’s longevity.

Falling in combat also brings with it problems and choices involving your loot. This is where your teammates seem to come to a moral conflict where you’d think respawning you would be their biggest priority. 95% of the time though you’ll find that instead of getting you back into the fight they would rather take your loot before bringing you back, or not even bother at all. This rise in greed culture is probably due to the anonymity and lack of any immediate penalty for the thief.

There are, of course, situations where it makes sense to do this, like if the timer is going down for the death circle and there wouldn’t be an opportunity to retrieve your dropped gear. But more often than not, I’ve been left with nothing but crumbs after a revival.

Apex Legends Octane

Source: Respawn Entertainment

Refrain From Ramboing

Only recently both my teammates were downed with a squad of three looming towards me. Thankfully, I managed to revive them and upon respawning, provided one with my secondary weapon and the other with grenades. Ultimately the outcome is a team win for us but it also reassured me that being self-dependent in a game like this is a bad thing. 

Apex Legends screams its need for teamwork no matter how skilled of a gamer you think you are. The benefits of having another digital heartbeat on the field increases your survival time, allowing you to take on other teams of three.

Locking Loot

Maybe Apex Legends needs to implement an ownership lockdown of 30 seconds on death crates. Or maybe that’s just overthinking it. It just feels like the current state of Apex and even other battle royale games has this Black Friday rabid zombie rush where players throw all strategy aside and it becomes every man for himself/herself.

Credit has to be given to Respawn for giving us the ping system, allowing players the ability to request items and without a mic. You can also notify companions of potential loot they might want and all-in-all has been a great system. The ping system has now become a staple feature in the genre, and it’ll even be used in Borderlands 3.

Is Apex Legends’ need for greed a representation of what life would be like in a survival scenario? Would those you trust cast you out for just an extra can of beans — or in this case a Mozambique? I hope no matter where we are, be it in game, or out…we can do better.

You can find out more and even join the fight for loot in Apex Legends here. You can find some tips of how to play by our own staff here.

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