Apex Legends is a fantastic new Battle Royale game that was released a little over a week ago. Apex was created by the same developers of Titanfall: Respawn, and, as of now, is highly acclaimed as one of the best of its genre. While there are plenty of guns, equipment, and upgrades available in King’s Canyon, choosing a place for your squad to land may be challenging. This article is designed to help new players make more well-informed decisions in order to improve their game.

Before Jumping…

Before dropping off with the Jumpmaster (the leader in your party), each player in the squad should ping a place where they want to go. It doesn’t matter if they are the designated Jumpmaster or not. The reason this should be done is to maximize potential loot-grabbing chances. Also, if you are the Jumpmaster and don’t want to choose a time to drop, then simply “Relinquish Jumpmaster” to let a teammate take over. This button is located at the bottom of the screen as you fall.

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Even though there are designated mid-tier and high-tier loot areas, the loot in each area is always randomized. While high-tier areas may have a higher chance of epic-tier loot, there is no definitive way to get any single item, other than sheer luck.

Keep in mind that many of the prime areas will have other players around. You will either need to grab equipment quick, or be a good sport and eliminate the competition before they take all of the high-tier loot. Additionally, having an escape plan is smart if the enemy is more trouble to your team than it’s worth.

Supply Ships

First off, we have the Supply Ship that spawns and moves around King’s Canyon. It is marked prominently when opening up the map, and quality loot can be found if players are able to land on top of it. Unfortunately, everyone else can see the Supply Ship too, and there will usually be players hunting down guns there. To succeed here, teams will have to either loot fast and deal with everybody later, or use the equipment they find to take out enemy legends at the beginning of the match.

The Hot Zone

Hot Zone Location

The Hot Zone here is highlighted over the Swamps.

The Hot Zones are highlighted in blue on the map. They spawn in any area and indicate that there is high-tier loot that can be found. Unlike the Supply Ship, however, the weapons here can spawn fully equipped with attachments. This allows players to attack opponents quickly, since other squads will traffic such an important area. Players will also get bonus experience if they kill somebody in the Hot Zone, which may lead to great or devastating moments to your squad.

The Pit

The Pit

A simple area full of loot.

The Pit is another great area for squads to land in. The Pit is a small circular area that is small, has high-tier loot, and has a good escape route. It’s one of the smaller areas in the game, so the loot is simply easy for any squad to scour. Since players have a tendency to ‘not’ land here, The Pit can be a great place to start off a squad and move to other high-tier areas.



A village held together by two bridges.

Bridges is an area that is small, and it can be an easy place for snipers to take over. The layout is simple – a couple of bridges and several ziplines revolve around this small village. Players can jump below the bridges for extra houses to loot. Be careful though, because staying below means that everyone above you can see your position. It is recommended to maintain the high ground. You could also camp inside a house from below and move southward.

Skull Town

Skull Town is massive, and this means it has a lot of loot. The layout consists of small buildings interlinking with each other with a tall tower in the middle. Unfortunately, there isn’t much cover outside of town (besides all of the buildings that are perfect for firefighting in). This can make an escaping town a bit hard, so land and take what you can while scouting out an exit.


Repulsor Station

A dangerous station with many enemies.

Repuslor Station is a popular hotspot since it generally a high-tier loot area. The bigger buildings will contain guns to take out the competition when landing here. Many players will probably pursue this place while your squad attempts to land here so try to get geared up before that can happen. It’s usually expected to run from Repulsor to Hydro Dam (and vice-versa) so be careful.



The Airbase has plenty of chests.

Airbase is another hotspot for high-tier loot. It’s got a huge wall covering the entrance, and the area itself has plenty of airships and cargo to hide behind. The buildings lined along the inside of Airbase will have several chests, and there will be great loot in the buildings. If that wasn’t enough, the Supply Ship has a chance to park itself in the docking area, which is a plus for scavenging players.


It’s simple to note that players love to land at Artillery. Think of it as a mini-team death-match plopped right into the northern area of the map. There is plenty of military-grade gear hiding around inside buildings. The two main buildings on the east and west side have plenty of loot, and from the rooftops players can use the ziplines to get to even higher ground. Also the Artillery tunnel used to leave has enough gear if the players are too much for the squad.

That’s all that we have today, but we would like to know: what are some of your favorite places to loot throughout King’s Canyon? Is there anything we missed? And if you liked this article, feel free to check out some other Apex: Legends content at the following link!



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