Much of the criticism surrounding BioWare’s recent Anthem hinges on loot, and how random drops have tended to lean toward lower-tier items. With an update shortly after launch, drop rates for masterwork and epic-grade weapons were incredibly low, making it difficult for players to weapons that made the grind of a mission feel “worth it”. BioWare lead producer Ben Irving says they are aiming to fix that problem very shortly.

Via Reddit, Irving gave a list of improvements and patches they plan on incorporating into Anthem either today or tomorrow. Included in the patch is better inscription (weapon upgrade) support, making it so that if an inscription isn’t directly useful for the weapon it’s attached to, it will provide a Javelin (or suit)-wide benefit.

After the patch, any players who are level 30 or higher will have uncommon (white) and common (green) items completely removed from their drop-rate table. This will make the chances of getting a Masterwork or Epic-tier item more reasonable. Additionally, where it took 25 masterwork embers to craft a masterwork item before, it will now only take 15.

Combined, all three of these improvements should improve the overall flow of progression through loot-boxes. Ben Irving and BioWare’s transparency is admirable here; if they can keep listening to fan feedback and making necessary adjustments, they may just turn Anthem’s rocky start into a success story.

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