Animal Crossing Update April 23rd – All the Details

Today via the Nintendo of Europe Twitter account there has been an announcement regarding a new update coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The update was mentioned earlier in the month during the Bunny Day event announcement video. In this piece we will be going over all the new additions this free update will bring!

New Island Visitors!

Leif is the first of two new visitors in this new update. Leif is a sloth who runs a garden shop. He will frequently visit players islands to offer up garden-related goodies for players to purchase. More excitingly, Jolly Redd will arrive on players islands on his boat and offer art and furniture for the players to purchase.

However, it’s down to the players to determine whether or not the goods are authentic or not. If items are authentic, they can be donated to Blathers for the art exhibition of the museum. More on that soon. These two characters will visit players’ islands in a similar fashion to other merchants like Kicks the skunk.

Animal Crossing Update
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Nature Day Announcement

Between April 23rd to March 4th, the period leading up to Nature Day will begin. During this period, the Nook Miles+ app on the players NookPhone will offer up new nature related tasks. These tasks will be things like watering flowers, planting new bushes and trees and tasks of that ilk.

May Day Announcement

Starting from the 1st of May, a new event will take place. During this time players can purchase a limited edition, one-time Nook ticket to travel to a foreign island. The foreign island will be different to islands that players can currently visit. The announcement of this also hinted at a potential visitor waiting for the player on this special one-time island. So, make sure you make use of your only opportunity to visit this new area!

International Museum Day Announcement

During this time period from the 18th of May to the 31st of May, there will be an event held to honour international museum day. There will be a special stamp rally held. During this stamp rally players will be able to receive a special stamp card that will allow the player to gain in-game rewards for seeing exhibits in Blathers’ museum. Nothing was revealed about what these rewards would entail though.

Animal Crossing Update
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Wedding Season Announcement

To kick off the Summer, love is in the air. During this event, players will be able to visit Harvey’s island any time between June 1st to June 30th. On his island, there will be a newly married couple, Reese and Cyrus. The player will be requested to help the newly wedded couple take their wedding photos. Upon helping the newly weds out, the player will be rewarded with some wedding themed items to bring back to their island.

So there you have it, we got a lot more than what we asked for, with three new events being announced and an entire new museum section being opened. If you want to read more about Animal Crossing from us at Culture of Gaming, check out this piece on more potentially hinted at additions to Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Are you excited for the new Animal Crossing Update? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @thecognetwork. If you’re struggling at the start of the game you can also check out our tips and tricks here! As always, thanks for reading COG!




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