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After the recent launch of Mario Kart Tour’s paid subscription service, it seems that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will soon follow suit.

According to Nintendo Life, ResetEra user ZeoVGM managed to get a hold of an image of an upcoming multi-tier paid service that Nintendo plans to bring to the mobile game called “Pocket Camp Club.” The service seems to have a release date of November 21st While pricing has not been confirmed, it is possible that the at least one tier will share similar price of Mario Kart Tour’s $4.99 Gold Pass.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Source: [ResetEra.com]
Source: [ResetEra.com]
It appears that two tiers will be available to start. The first allows players to assign an animal friend as a camp caretaker, who will oversee the personal camp maintenance. The second provides fortune cookies (the game’s equivalent to loot boxes) and a warehouse to store furniture and clothing.

More information about “Pocket Camp Club” will come form videos on November 20th . With the poor reception of Gold Pass, it seems strange that Nintendo would attempt this in other mobile games. Players received the service negatively, with many comparing the price to Apple Arcade, which provides access to several games for the same price. Sadly, only time will tell how this new subscription plan will do.

How do you feel about this new service coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? Let us know in the comments below! For other news updates, check out our articles on more Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy titles coming to Xbox One and the upcoming Nintendo Black Friday deals. Otherwise, keep it on Culture of Gaming for all things gaming!

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