Nature Day in Animal Crossing – What’s New!

Nature Day is Here!

The second event in the timeline of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has arrived! With that, there is a whole host of new characters and features that have been added. Here is a comprehensive run-down of everything new that has come with the Nature Day event updateNintendo also say there is more to come!

Leif The Sloth Has Arrived On Nature Day

With Leif, who is a sloth can be found on players islands from today onwards, comes a whole treasure trove of new possibilities. The player can interact with him to purchase new items and garden related objects. Players can purchase items shrubs, and rare flowers to help spruce up their island. These shrubs will grow into bushes that can be used to decorate your island.  Leif will also buy weeds from you for double the price that Timmy and Tommy buy them for. Leif is a lovely sight to see return and plenty of players feel the same!

On top of that his inclusion in Nature Day is bringing even more customisation options for all the Animal Crossing time travellers!

Jolly Redd And His Artistic Scams

Along with Leif, Jolly Redd, formerly known as ‘Crazy Redd’ in previous Animal Crossing games, can be found. Jolly Redd, from today onwards, has the chance of appearing on the secret hidden beach at the back of your island. Although he isn’t around everyday. So make sure to keep an eye out. Jolly Redd sells art in his old boat, it’s up to the player to determine whether or not art is authentic or fake. If the art is authentic, it can be supplied to Blathers. If the art is fake, however, you can sit in disappointment at the fact that you’ve been royally scammed.

Blathers’ Museum Gets A New Section

Blathers will accept authentic art that you’ve bought from Jolly Redd, as previously stated. Subsequently, Blathers will open a new section to his museum when you speak to him. This is the section where all your authentic art donations will be displayed for the world to see. To donate art to Blathers just speak with him and donate it in the same vein as how you would with bugs, fish or fossils. The upgrade will then occur to his museum upon donating your first piece of art!

Who thought Nature Day could be so artistic?


New Nature Day Nook Miles+ Tasks

The Nook Miles+ app on your NookPhone will now supply nature-based tasks for you to complete. Nook Miles+ tasks will also grant increased Nook Mile rewards during the events period.

That’s all for now, however there are plenty of more events coming up in the next month or two in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. So, make sure you keep up to date on what’s in story at Culture of Gaming. If you want to see what other events are on the horizon, no pun intended, check out this piece we’ve written!

How do you feel about Nature Day in Animal Crossing? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @thecognetwork. Alternatively if you’re just getting started check out what the game doesn’t tell you here! As always, thanks for reading COG!


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