A  New Horizon Amidst A Global Pandemic

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, is not, by any means, a new game. It released back in March. However, I would honestly say that the release date means nothing.

Animal Crossing is the perfect type of game for the sort of situation this world has found itself in; a pandemic where everyone has to stay home. In Animal Crossing, there is nothing wrong. There are no diseases, there is no death, there is no “losing” or “winning”, there are no high stakes or chances to lose anything of substantial value. All there is in Animal Crossing is wonderful, peaceful music like this, and the never-ending joy of constantly being indebted to a raccoon.

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(Source: Polygon, who sourced it from Nintendo/YouTube)

Debt, Debt, Debt, Ad Infinitum

While my comment about being indebted to Tom Nook, oft referred to as “Tom Crook” by loving fans of the series, may seem rather negative or that it hampers the experience somehow, I would like to say it does not. Being indebted to Tom Nook is a common “problem” in the world of Animal Crossing, as throughout all the series titles (beginning with Animal Crossing on the GCN, and ending with New Horizons on the Switch) the main character is indebted to the lovable raccoon in one way or another.

During your time with Animal Crossing, you will find that you are tasked only with finding seashells, fish, insects, and the like to sell off to Tom Nook and his pals in order to pay off your debt on your house… so that you can expand your house and be in debated to him once again and to Infinitum.  However, these simple things are not the only thing you can do in Animal Crossing.

(Source: Reddit)

While there were some small sacrifices (or big, depending on who you are) such as the popular cafe “The Roost” where beloved dog character “K.K Slider” played music in the background while players could drink coffee served by aptly named “Brewster” and interact with other villagers unfortunately not being included in the game, long time players of the series will rejoice to hear there is talk of The Roost possibly being added to New Horizons in future updates.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons expands on the series in many ways, in the latest update, dubbed “Summer Update” allowing players to don a wetsuit and snorkel and dive into the uncharted depths of their island’s waters, exploring the allowed area to find underwater creatures like Mussels, Sea Urchins, and the like. You can also find scallops underwater, which will prove useful when given to a certain NPC.  (Not named to avoid spoilers!)

(Source: GamesRadar/Nintendo)

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you are able to do a multitude of new tasks. You can do small things such as plant trees, tend flowers, or interact with your island’s villagers for currency known as “Nook Miles”, which you can then redeem in Tom Nook’s tent for fun prizes such as “Nook Mile Tickets”, or seemingly more useful objects like “Inventory Expansions” and “Hairstyle Packs”.

While Nook Mile Tickets at a glance may not seem incredibly useful, there is indeed a good use for Nook Mile Tickets. You can use said tickets to travel to uncharted islands, allowing the player a chance to invite more villagers to their island, catch rare bugs not available on their island, or take fruit that is not yet growing on their island in order to grow new fruit types on their island.

To Conclude

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very relaxing, peaceful, and overall fun game to play during this terrible global crisis. I highly recommend picking the game up if you have not already!

With everything said, please make sure to wash your hands and stay safe everyone!




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